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What is a Virtual CMO? And why your business needs one…

Assessing the needs of small businesses, I recognize that they need someone with the experience to develop strategies and tactics to reach their goals – they don’t have the bandwidth to generate all of the ideas and oversee their execution. I have a lot of experience in marrying communication and marketing tactics to generate revenue. My clients need someone with my level of experience, just not full-time.

In short, a Virtual CMO is someone with the ability to work with you to uncover your business goals, design the programs and campaigns you need to reach them, and execute – all without having to hire and manage full-time staff.

The service is unique for each client. While some clients require me to concentrate on recruitment and external reputation, others need regular campaigns integrated with their CRM with continual data analysis and message iteration and targeting to generate leads and support conversions.

A virtual CMO is exactly what you need it to be.

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